Cinderella: Gown Reflect


Salutations! One of my favorite words to greet people, all thanks to Charlotte's Web, a coming of age book that taught many the great lessons of life and death. Being quite small, it can be overwhelming to live in an intricate and cultural city known as Manhattan. Despite the stereotype of typical New Yorkers partying their life away, it is the little things that fulfill my life with contentment. Simplicity, provoking images, and dark fairytales are the most important asset of my collecting habits.

I was named after a character from a B-listed Hong Kong movie. Mildly obsessed with classic Disney animation and 80s movies. I think Marilyn Monroe is the center of the universe and that sandwich noodles should be part of everyone's staple diet. I'm the year of the snake but rabbits and dogs are my favorite animals. White coffee is my anti-drug. Classical music soothes my heartbeat. I am very optimistic, friendly, at times unbearable, at times wearable, rather reserve, rather femininely charge, and all year round - being a good girl for Santa Claus!

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